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GOFORT 330W Portable Power Station, 299Wh Solar Generator Backup Power, Battery Pack with 110V AC Outlets/4 DC/2 QC 3.0 USB/2 Type-C Port for CPAP Outdoor Camping RV Travel Home Emergency Power Supply

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Product description

  • 10 Charging Outputs Charge Devices Simultaneously - Gofort power station equipped with 2* AC outlet (330W 600W Peak), 4*DC ports (12V/10A max), 2*USB-C port, 1 QC3.0 USB port, 1 USB port (5V/2A). Power your smartphone, laptop, camera, drones, in-car appliances, CPAP machine, refrigerator, blender and more at anytime, no need to worried about power outage any more. Please knidly note that the battery pack won’t work for devices exceed 330-watt.
  • 80850mAh/299Wh Capacity Will Cover All Your Needs - Gofort solar generator with 299Wh capacity, is ideal for different kinds of electricity demands outdoor usage for home, cpap machine, power outage, travel, camping, advanture, backseat on long road trips.
  • Quiet And Reliable Power Station - No need to worried about it’ll disturb you like gas generator, Gofort solar generator is equipped with a lithium battery pack, ensure it runs quietly. And the built-in BMS protects you against overcurrent, overvoltage, and over-temperature, ensuring the safety of you and your devices and prolonging battery life. It also features a built-in cooling fan to avoid overheating when charging.
  • Triple Rechargeable Modes Backup Battery Pack - It can be charged by the 18V-22V solar panel (Not Included), AC wall adapter and car charger( both included) efficiently. Moreover, it’s built in MPPT controller automatically optimizes charging process and maximizes power extraction from solar panels under all conditions.
  • What You Get: Gofort 330W portable power station, AC Adapter, Cigarette Lighter Adapter+Car Charger, User Manual, 12-month warranty. 24h friendly customer service and technical support.

Product Description

Gofort Power Station

Gofort leverages this knowledge and experience to build products that are thoughtful in design, creating safe, smart and powerful energy storage products. We strive to reinvent the way people everywhere access power.

Gofort’s product lines equip the consumer with an industrial amount of clean, quiet and renewable power for life adventures, work and home backup power.

Gofort P56 Outdoor Generator

299Wh large battery capacity with 2 AC outlets, 4 DC outlets and 4 USB outlets

Pre-installed solar charging optimization module that functions as a maximum power point tracker which shorten charging time by 40%, an efficient solar generator when you hook on a compatible solar panel(18V/≥100W) for it, you can connecting to the world with this solar generator in a deserted site as long as there's sunlight . Reliable for blackout, hurricane season and other power outage situations. Decent for camping, hunting, fishing, and tailgating.

  • 299Wh/80850mAh batter capacity
  • 2 X 330W AC output( 600W surge)
  • 4 X 12V DC output
  • 2 X Type-C output
  • 1 X USB QC 3.0
  • 1 X USB 5V/2A

Versatile Power Supply

  • Multiple outputs meet your power needs. Suitable for home, office and campsite.
  • Compatible with all the daily small devices like iphone/ipad,laptop ,electirc fan, TV, mini refrigerator, etc.

Compact and Solid for Outdoors

  • Dimension 10.07*5.12*6.57 in, easy to fit in your car or pack in your bag.
  • Sturdy built shelf and tough pliable handle for easily carrying around.

Support Device Rated Under 330W

  • Ac outlets can power any appliance that the continuous power rated under 330W and surge power under 600W.
  • Some appliances like refrigerator needs surge power(2x running watts) to start. Please check the rated watts before plug in.

Heat Dissipation Fan

  • Prevent battery from overheat, extend battery life.
  • Working much quieter than most of other devices in the market.

Digital Display

  • Battery level, AC/DC mode, available ports are clearly displayed on the LED screen.

Pure Sine Wave

  • 330W Pure Sine Wave AC outlet which help electronics less wear, kept sensitive electronics running smoothly to avoid the modified sine wave inverters which tend to damage electronics.

Off-Grid Solar Generator, Green and Clean Power Supply. With Gofort 330W Portable Power Station, You Can Easily Stay Charged While On-The-Go.

Capacity 148800mAh 297600mAh 80850mAh
Rated Watts 600W 1200W 330W
Surge Watts 1000W 2000W 600W
AC 110V Outlet 2×3 Prong (Pure Sine Wave) 2×3 Prong (Pure Sine Wave) 2×3 Prong (Pure Sine Wave)
DC Port 2x 2x 4x 1x 18V DC Output 1x 18V DC Output
USB Port 1× QC3.0+2× 5V/2.4A 1× QC3.0+2× 5V/2.4A 1× QC3.0+1× 5V/2A 1× QC3.0+1× 5V/2.1A 1× QC3.0+1× 5V/2.1A
PD-Type-C 45W 45W 2x
Cart Port 12V/10A 12V/10A
Pass-Through Charging
Weight 15 lbs 25.35 lbs 9.48 lbs 5.27 lbs 8.38 lbs
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GOFORT 330W Portable Power Station, 299Wh Solar Generator Backup Power, Battery Pack with 110V AC Outlets/4 DC/2 QC 3.0 USB/2 Type-C Port for CPAP Outdoor Camping RV Travel Home Emergency Power Supply

$684.71 USD
$402.77 USD