MAXOAK Generator Portable Power Station 200Wh Lithium Emergency Battery Backup Pure Sinewave 110V AC Outlet Solar Generator for Outdoor Camping Travel Fishing Hunting(w/AC, DC12V, QC3.0, USB-C)

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MAXOAK Generator Portable Power Station 200Wh Lithium Emergency Battery Backup Pure Sinewave 110V AC Outlet Solar Generator for Outdoor Camping Travel Fishing Hunting(w/AC, DC12V, QC3.0, USB-C)

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  • AC/DC/USB Outputs: 1*110V AC-Outlet(sine wave,Max.100W for Laptops, Max.120W for small home appliance), 1*DC12V/10A Carport,1*QC3.0 USB(Max.18W),1*PD2.0 USB-C(5V2.5A/9V2A/12V1.5A,Max.40W),1*5V/2.4A USB Outputs. Powerful Emergency Backup to Charge Products Such as Laptops, Phones, Tablets, LED lights, Cameras, Drones, Small Home Appliances and More.
  • On-the-Go Power Generator: 200Wh (3.7V 62400mAh/11.1V 18000mAh) powerful charging station.Once fully charged, this portabe generator can charge smartphone 15Times+, Tablet 5Times+, 2018 Macbook 3.9 Times, 2018 MacBook Air 3 Times. Portable Size 7.95*2.64*8.15 inch, Weight only 7.6lbs; A Handle Design Make it Easy to Carry. Portable Power Station, Perfect Power Companion for Outdoor Enthusiast!
  • AC/SUN/CAR Recharge: Easily Powered from AC Wall Outlet, DC12V/24V Car Charger or Compatible Solar Panel (Input Voltage must be 14V~40V and MC4 connector,Solar Charging Cable not include).
  • Silent&Gas-free Power Station,No Fan Design: We Use Aluminum Shells, it has Excellent Heat Dissipation Compared with Other Plastic Shell. And What is More, No Loud Noisy Fan Design Can Ensure You a Silent Sleeping.
  • Higher Quality and Safety:We Built in Automotive-level Battery Cell,thus has a More Stable Performance, Higher Safety Protection, Higher Discharge Rate, Low Heat, and Longer Cycle Life 1000+.

Product Description

MAXOAK Portable Power Station, Ideal Power Backup for Outdoor and Indoor.

This portable power station(AC20) is designed for emergency power needs for example you are outdoor and far away from a wall outlet or power breakdown such as you are unfortunately trapped in natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, flood, etc. it is also an ideal power companion for traveler and adventure who loves outdoor activities and need plenty of power to complete their photography and Creation. Charge your devices whenever when you need more power, keep you smartphone, tablet, camera, drone, laptop charged simultaneous, save you much time and provide a better outdoor experience.

Quick Know MAXOAK AC20 Outdoor Power Storage

Highlights & Advantages

1)Capacity- 200Wh(54054mAh/3.7V, 18018mAh/11.1V)

2)AC/DC/PD USB-C/USB Outputs:1×AC110V, 2×DC(6.5*3.0)12V10A,1×PD USB-C(5V2.5A/9V2A/12V1.5A Max.40W) ,1*QC3.0USB Max.18W,1×USB5V/2.4A

3)Charging activation: charge automatically after plug in the wall outlet

4)AC/SUN/Car Recharge(input port: DC7.9*0.9mm):it takes about 7Hrs to full charge AC20.

(Tips: MC4 Solar Cable is not included, you need buy it separately(search"B07NMNS2FG" on )

12V car can only recharge AC20 t0 40%,24V car can recharge it fully.)

5)Silent&Better heat dissipation- aluminium shell has much better heat dissipation than plastic fan design has no noise.

6)Built in famous brand A-grade battery cell,automotive-level battery cell,thus has a high discharge rate, low heat, longer cycle life 1000+,smaller size

7)MPPT function-automatic tracking to adapt to the max. charging power of solar panels, effectively improve the charging efficiency of PV solar panels, shorten the charging time of solar panels)

8)Pass Through function-support charge and discharge at the same time,Time-saving.

9)LCD screen- shows the power situation intuitively. Three buttons control the switch-on/off of AC/DC equipment to reduce power consumption.backlight will be turned off automatically when the product remains idle for a period of time(15s).so it will not affect sleeping.

10)50/60Hz±0.5Hz Output Frequency can be set manually.

11)No turn off if low load.

Q&A, Frequently Asked Question:

Q: What devices can MAXOAK AC20 power?

A: it can only charge small devices less than 120W, laptop MAX.100W. The AC20 will show error code(E*) on the LCD screen if your device exceed max.120W.

Please refer to your device specification before purchase

Q: How to know the working times for my device?

A: Working time = 200Wh* 0.85 / operating power of your device

For example, if power consumption of your device is 30W (may be a 40’’ TV), working time: 200wh*0.85/30w=5.7 hrs (rough calculated) .

Please note: actual power consumption varies from different usages, pls consult MAXOAK for better purchase decision.

Q:What solar panel should I use for this AC20?

solar panel must meets: 1) DC14-40V max.125W 2)MC4 Connector

Q: weight and size:

Dimension: 7.9in*2.6in*8.1in weight:7.6lb

Model K5 K2 EB150 EB40 DU06
Application K5 power bank Power Bank for Laptops(max.130w) Power Station designed for Max.1000w Devices. power station for small devices less than 300W Sports water bottle, USB-recharged.
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