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12 In Gas Stove High Gas Cooktop Gas Hob Stove Top 2 Burners Gas Range Double Burner Gas Stoves Kitchen Slope Edge Tempered Glass

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Product description

  • HBHOB is professional household cooktops manufacturer with rich development experiences. The stoves and hobs are energy conservation, safety and efficient, stable property. The main burner take Aluminum dispatcher and it will be long-life. The surface of gas burner is delicacy and decent.
  • TEMPERED GLASS SURFACE- with heavy cast iron pot stand. Electric ignition(110V AC input.) Safety device with thermal couple & flame out failure detection. Auto shut off gas supply.
  • SPECIFICATIONS - Product Dimensions: 12 inch L x 20inch W x 4.7 inch H, Cutout Dimensions: 10.8 Inch L x 18.7 Inch W – 2 Burners– LPG / NG Convertible -Green gas -2 burner cooktop.
  • SUPPORT- Use Cast iron material and provides durability and lasting life for usage,more stable and supportmore heavy woks.-stove burner covers.
  • PANEL- Use high-end tempered glass with metal bound, looks beautiful and easy to clean.– Perfect for RVs, apartments, outdoor use ,etc..

Product Description

Built to last Tempered glass cooktop surface is Constructed SS Grade surface, corrosion resistance and easy to clean. Enjoy minimal cleanup with sealed burners to prevent food from falling into them. Modern and stylish finishes designed to perform as well as it looks, It is perfect for RVs, apartments, outdoor use, etc.,


Focus on kitchen appliances

The chef focuses on kitchen products and continues to explore innovations for years in order to achieve the vision and mission of being a first-class enterprise. We don’t choose products based on market interests or fancy analytics. We develop tools and products for ourselves and our customers based on real-world needs and expectations.

  • 1x Gas Cooktop
  • 1x Wrench
  • 1x Elbow Connector
  • 1x Brass Connector
  • 2x Nozzles
  • 2x oil free cover
  • 1x User Manual



With 2 different versatile burner size with Triple ring burner 12000 BTU, Auxiliary burner 4000 BTU, for simmer, boil, frying, ect.


The cooktop is equipped with built-in stainless steel gas stovetop, die-cast aluminum firearm, iron enamel burnercaps and porcelain enamel grates.It can service you many years.


The gas cooker is made of stainless steel top, Stain and heat discoloration resistant stainless-steel surface will provide you with a reliable cooktop for years to come. Enjoy your cooking time.


Our product have 100% inspection on whole products, gas leakage inspection and valves inspection and enjoy our products safely.


1. When the flame is too small

2. Find a small flat-blade screwdriver at home (the product is not shipped)

3. Turn left and right to adjust the flame size

4. adjust the flame to fit your own size

Special Attention:

When the fire is too small or does not catch fire after installation, please carefully check whether the product you buy is natural gas or liquefied gas and check whether the type of gas connected is accurate. If the type of gas does not correspond, you can also replace the corresponding nozzle in the accessories package.

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12 In Gas Stove High Gas Cooktop Gas Hob Stove Top 2 Burners Gas Range Double Burner Gas Stoves Kitchen Slope Edge Tempered Glass