GLACIER FRESH Replacement for PUR Water Filter Faucet, Replacement for RF-9999 and RF-3375, Compatible with All Pur Faucet Mount Filtration Systems (Pack of 3)

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GLACIER FRESH Replacement for PUR Water Filter Faucet, Replacement for RF-9999 and RF-3375, Compatible with All Pur Faucet Mount Filtration Systems (Pack of 3)

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  • Faucet Filter Replacement for Pur Rf-9999 and Rf-3375. If You Encounter Any Problems During Use, Please Feel Free to Contact Us, We Will Solve It for You at First Time.
  • Repalcement for PUR Faucet Filter: GLACIER FRESH water filter rf-9999 are made from coconut activated carbon. Activated carbon are 'heat treated' with steam. This produces pores within each grain of carbon, creating tiny tunnels and spaces that absorb organic compounds and pollutants.
  • The premium carbon filter is certified to reduce chlorine (taste and odor) and many contaminants including 99% of lead,and rust, sand, etc.
  • Compatible with all Pur Faucet Mount Filtration Systems: Compatible with PUR faucet mount replacement filter RF-3375, RF-9999, PFM100B, PFM450S, FM-3333, FM-9400B, FM-3700B, FM-2000B, FM-4000B, FM-4100B, FM-2500V, FM-3400B, PFM350V, WD-RF-9999 , FM-9000B advanced plus faucet water filter and more.
  • Filtration life: Faucet filter for PUR water filter can be used for 3 months or 100 gallons. To achieve the best filtration effect, please release cold water for 5 minutes after installation.
  • More economical: For RF-9999 replaces the water filter, with a capacity equivalent to 800 bottles of 500 ml mineral water, while improving the taste and providing environmental protection for the ecological environment.

Product Description

RF-9999 Faucet Water Filte

* Why choose GLACIER FRESH?

GLACIER FRESH replacement for PUR RF-9999 faucet water filter uses premium natural coconut activated carbon block with a removal rate of chlorine up to 99%. It is also reduce heavy metals, lead, taste and odor, sediment, rust and so on. The efficient filtration is dedicated to provide you with an excellent water experience.

GLACIER FRESH Water Filter Replacement for RF-9999 Faucet Water Filter

Compatibile With the Following System and Models:


Compatible with PUR RF-9999 Faucet Water Filte, PUR Classic, Advanced and Horizontal Faucet Mounts


Compatible with PFM100B, PFM450S, FM-3333, FM-9400B, FM-3700B, FM-2000B, FM-9000B, FM-4000B, FM-4100B, FM-2500V, FM-3400B, PFM350V and other models.

Your model might not be listed. You can check compatibility refer to the manufacturer.

  • NOTE:
  • * Please note this is a compatible spare part. The manufacturers’ names and part numbers are used for reference purposes only. GLACIER FRESH is an independent brand.
  • * It is recommended to replace the filter every 3 months or 100 gallons for optimum performance (The specific replacement time depends on the degree of water use).

Replacement for PUR RF-9999 Faucet Water Filter Product Features

Superior Filtration

Exclusive mineral coconut husk active carbon filter core bring you a crisp refreshing taste. Its activated carbon and ion exchange reduces heavy metals like lead and other contaminants.

Easy Installation

1. Unscrew the cap by twisting it counterclockwise and remove the old filter.

2. Then insert the new filter into the device until you hear a snap, and replace back the cover.

3. Secure the faucet filtration system to the sink faucet.

4. Run cold water through the filtration chanel for 5 min.

5. Watch for the indicator light to flash green 6 times.

Healthy Choices

Food-grade, BPA-free, lead-free material let you safely enjoy your high quality drinking water. You can give up to buy bottled water. More economical!


Why does water need to be filtered?

Home tap water may look clean, but may contain potentially harmful pollutants & contaminants picked up on its journey through old pipes. For pur water filters & faucet filtration systems reduces these contaminants.

Our faucet water filter replacement for RF-9999 perfectly compatible with All Vertical and Horizontal faucets of original brand.

1 Filter = 700 Bottled Water

GLACIER FRESH for RF-9999 Premium Faucet Filter

Meet your various water filtration needs. No matter if it’s for drinking, cooking, brewing coffee or making tea, you deserve refreshing and great-tasting water.

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