Paperlike (2 Pieces) for iPad Pro 12.9 Inch - Matte Screen Protector for Drawing, Writing, and Note-taking

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Paperlike (2 Pieces) for iPad Pro 12.9 Inch - Matte Screen Protector for Drawing, Writing, and Note-taking

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  • Unleash your creativity: Professional artists and designers use Paperlike to improve precision and detail when drawing, writing, and painting on their iPad; Our iPad screen protector brings the natural feel and resistance of paper to your iPad display for long drawing sessions, smooth lines, and perfect accuracy
  • Take notes like a pro: Join the thousands of college students, business professionals, and productivity experts who use Paperlike to take notes with unparalleled precision; By adding friction and resistance to the iPad glass, Paperlike delivers a true paper feel that makes note-taking a breeze
  • Compatible with Apple Pencil: Paperlike was developed specifically for the Apple Pencil 1 and 2; Our expertly engineered surface texture reduces natural erosion and minimizes the wear and tear on your pencil tips; This screen protector is thin enough to ensure that stroke recognition between your Apple Pencil and iPad is always accurate
  • Nanodots surface: Enjoy reduced reflections and an anti-glare experience without spoiling your view; Paperlike’s Nanodots technology scatters incoming and outgoing light so that your screen colors are always pixel perfect; In addition to reducing scratches and fingerprints, Paperlike doesn’t affect your Face ID authorization
  • Package contents: This package includes two (2) Paperlike display protection films for the iPad Pro 12.9 Inch, along with application stickers (2), wet wipes (2), dust absorbers (2), dry wipes (1), and detailed instructions for easy installation

Product Description


Write and draw like on paper.

Since 2017, Paperlike has made it easier for thousands of notetakers, artists, and business professionals to write and draw while using their iPad.

Due to the iPad’s glass display, these activities can be difficult to enjoy. Glass is slippery and imprecise, which adds frustration when trying to take notes, outline important documents, and create incredible art.

Our matte iPad screen protector emulates the friction and resistance of paper, eliminating these drawbacks so that every stroke with the Apple Pencil feels smooth and natural.

Paperlike brings the precision of paper to a paperless environment so that you can truly fall in love with drawing and writing on your iPad.

Empower your paperless process.

Paperlike makes it easier than ever for creatives and professionals to leave pens, pencils, and notebooks at home.

Harness the true power of your iPad to do any of the following:

  • Create incredible works of art
  • Take precise notes in classes and meetings
  • Edit and review important documents
  • Write and annotate music
  • Mark up PDFs, reports, and books

The iPad is a powerful tool in almost every professional setting. Paperlike helps you get the most out of your technology by bringing a paper feel to your iPad display.

Product Benefits

  • Improved stroke resistance
  • Reduced muscle fatigue
  • Better accuracy and precision
  • Improved digital drawing experience

Nanodots Surface

When creating Paperlike, we developed a new surface technology called Nanodots. These tiny particles are evenly distributed across the top of our screen protector to create the necessary friction and vibration without compromising image quality.

Powered by Nanodots.

With Nanodots, you’ll experience versatility and precision in every pencil stroke.

To emulate the consistency and natural feel of paper, screen protectors need to imitate the vibrations of a pencil gliding over a rough surface.

While there are several ways to do this, most come with major drawbacks that compromise display quality or quickly damage the nibs of the Apple Pencil.

Your Paperlike with Nanodots is scratch and fingerprint resistant and features anti-glare protection so that you can use it in a well-lit room or under the midday sun.

Technical Specifications

Paperlike Size 12.9"
Compatible with iPad Pro
Packaging includes (2x) Paperlike Screen Protector, (2x) Application Set (Cleaning Wipe, Guide Stickers, Help Stickers, Dust Absorber, Micro-fiber Cleaning Cloth)
Surface Technology Paperlike Nanodots Surface - Perfect Paper-Feel without compromising image quality.

We’re here to help.

Jan Sapper, the founder of Paperlike, created this product because he wanted to work paperless. Two successful Kickstarters later, Paperlike now supports thousands of creatives and professionals just like you!

We are here to support you in your creative endeavors as you write and draw on your iPad.

We’ll show you the best way to install and care for your Paperlike. Step-by-step instructions and videos with everything you need to know are included in your purchase. Our online community is chock-full of resources to help you improve your digital art and notetaking skills.

And, of course, our support team is always ready to assist if you need a real human to help out.

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