Pencil Sharpener Electric Pencil Sharpeners, Portable Pencil Sharpener Kids, Blade to Fast Sharpen

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Pencil Sharpener Electric Pencil Sharpeners, Portable Pencil Sharpener Kids, Blade to Fast Sharpen

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  • Pencil Sharpeners Transparent Material: Transparent Material for Easy Observation, More Clear Pencil Shavings, Easy to Clean, and Observe at Any Time. Large Capacity Can Put More Pencil Shavings.
  • Mini Pencil Sharpener Compact Size: The Compact Design and Proper Size Make the Pencil Sharpener be a Real Space Saver. It is Also Very Portable, An Ideal Choice for Artists, Students, Professors, Engineers, Architects, and Fashion Designers of Most Ages, Making Drawing, Writing, and Coloring Much Easier.
  • Quickly Sharpen All Standard 6-8mm Pencils: Qualified Pencil Sharpener for Colored Pencils Can Sharpen Colored Pencils; Suitable for Round and Hexagonal Pencils. Use Popular Wooden Box Graphite and Colored Pencils (Such as Pencils From Dixon Ticonderoga, Colore, Staples, OfficeDepot, Prismacolor, Crayola, Sargent Art, Color Doodle, Vincis, etc. for Testing). Not Suitable for Woodless Pencils.
  • Colored Pencil Sharpener Automatic Mode and Manual Mode: Our Electric Sharpener has Two Modes for You to Choose From. Press the Pencil to Start Work and Automatically Sharpen, Enough to Easily Sharpen Each Pencil to the Ideal and Durable Position in 3-5 Seconds. Manual Mode: When the Battery is Low, You Can Switch to Manual Mode to Sharpen the Colored Pencils, and Then Let Us Become an Outstanding Pencil Sharpener Manual When Drawing with Children Outdoors.
  • Electric Sharpener Battery-Powered:2 AA Batteries (Not Included)does Not Support USB Charging or AC Adapter, and Manual with Switch, Switch the Mode You Want, It is Safer. The Top of the Product is Locked and Unlocked. When Unlocked, You Can Remove the Blade, Clean the Pencil Shavings. It Comes with a Replacement Blade. NOTE: The Word 'Electric' is Used in a Context to Denote that It Runs on Electricity Through Batteries and Not Direct Current.

About the product:

1: More safety: Abandon the traditional pencil sharpener, reduce the damage of the pencil
sharpener opponent, and provide a seat belt environment for your use.
2: Easy clean: Pencil sharpeners are safer, but the cleaning of the pencil shavings creates problems.
This product is simpler and easier to clean.
3: Labor-saving: The automatic pen-shaving mode eliminates the traditional manual method and
saves time and effort.
Note: Children under the age of three should be used under the supervision of adults.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions):

Question: Does this sharpen colored pencils?
Answer: friend, this light-duty electric pencil sharpener can sharpen No.2 Pencils, Colored Pencils, Eyebrow Pencils, HB & 2B to 4B Carbon Pencils and so on.

Question: Do you have to grip the pencil tight? Is it easy enough for a 6-year-old to use?
Answer: No, they don’t have to grip it tightly. My other sharpener was awful, this one is amazing!

Question: Can you get replacement blades?
Answer: Yes, it comes with a replacement blade, one of which is powerful and still in use.

Question: Just received my pencil sharpener. it works great. but can't seem to figure out how to replace the blades in it. is there a manual?
Answer: Yes it came with a manual, just pull the blade out firmly, then place the new blade in firmly. No twisting just good hard pull. Hope this helps.

Question: About how long will a set of batteries last?
Answer: It really depends on how often you use it. I would say 6-8 months if you use it every few days. I use the batteries in mine, so I don't know if it would be different with other brands.

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