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VViViD Air-Tint Extra-Wide Headlight Taillight Vinyl Tint Wrap

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Product description

  • VVIVID Air-Tints are an industry first: a headlight/taillight tint with all of the technologies developed in VVIVID+ premium materials. They include an air-release membrane which allows you to install the tint dry ( without installation liquid ) Ready to use out of the box!
  • This is the only film on the market that can wrap ANY SHAPE. It is super conformable with heat. It was originally manufactured for hard-to-wrap surfaces, but the ease of install has professionals saving time on any headlight shape.
  • This film is also self healing and scratches will go away with heat! Simply cut the vinyl to shape, and apply it to the surface. To make the vinyl conform to curves, simply heat with a heat gun or hair dryer, stretch and apply. Lastly, using a sharp blade, trim away excess from the headlight and you're done! its literally that simple!
  • Made with scratch-resistant automotive grade cast vinyl, VVIVID Air-Tints were developed in Canada to reduce the risk of shrinkage and peeling almost completely! The adhesive is acrylic based which will not eat through plastic like other tints on the market. It is 100% chemical safe, and will not eat through headlight coatings or damage your lights.
  • Includes vinyl wrap tools: Yellow Detailer Squeegee and 2x Anti-scratch Black Felt Edge Decal

Product Description

VViViD headlight / taillight tints bring you all the benefits of premium car wrap materials.

We want you to be able to choose the perfect style and color for your car without compromising on safety. Ever. That's why, no matter how dark the color, VViViD tints are designed to let your headlights and taillights cut through the tint more than previous generations.

Not only that; VViViD tints deliver this clarity of light transmission in a thicker, more protective vinyl than our previous generation of XPO headlight / taillight films. We've listened to our customers, and we know you want a finish that doesn't just look good today, but will continue to impress in years to come...

Improved clarity. Improved scratch protection. How else can we improve on the xpo generation headlight tints? By refining the finish even more. VViViD went back to the drawing board, and the result is a headlight / taillight tint with the glossiest finish we have ever manufactured...

All vehicle vinyls share one thing in common: the 'Orange Peel' effect. This is the appearance of tiny surface variations that, on close inspection, mimic the texture of orange peel. With VViViD tints, we have refined our manufacturing process to virtually eliminate this, resulting in a high gloss finish that improves on our highly respected xpo tints.

None of the improvements featured in VViViD Air-Tints come at the expense of ease-of-use. VViViD continue to refine with you in mind, which is why our headlight taillight tints are still the quick and easy way to a wrinkle-free installation, and a residue-free removal.

VViViD tint films are designed to conform to any difficult surface that would otherwise be impossible with standard headlight tints. Made specifically for ease-of-use, these films are perfect for DIY-ers, no skills required.

VViViD tints are made of thicker, more resistant material, able to withstand rock chips, heat from headlights, and other wear and tear. The subtle air release pattern means it can be installed using either dry or wet application methods.

VViViD tints feature our Repositionable Ultra-Clear Adhesive, meaning you can reposition this tint multiple times without risk of glue lines, finger prints, or marring, and it will look crystal clear every time.

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VViViD Air-Tint Extra-Wide Headlight Taillight Vinyl Tint Wrap